Confectionery industry

The mostaccioli are the emblem of Soriano, although the product range for this type of biscuits has expanded over time and has also been enriched with other delicacies and sweets, namely: susamelle, almond nougats along with a wide range of biscuits including tozzetti, anicini and cantuccini. The marzallette are made from dough of flour, honey, almonds, cinnamon, cloves and lemon peel. There are easily recognizable from their shape similar to thick slices and are much appreciated for their taste and smoothness. As an expression of everyday life, mostaccioli take shape from the latter, from everyday objects, from legends and myths that weave the sacred with the profane. They represent mostly votive objects offered as a gift to the Saints in return for favours received and displayed in various places of worship. Unchanged in time, the inventiveness of the workers specializing in this craft is passed down through the figurative art of the shapes of mostaccioli. From simple biscuits, mostaccioli become images and objects to be donated for a favour received or to be exchanged according to the tradition on the occasion of a commitment to engagement. The boyfriend, as a token of love on his first official visit to the house of the girl, brings as a gift a silk handkerchief with mostaccioli in the shape of hearts, fish, female figures or "s" letters. There are many forms reproduced derived from various biblical, sacred and profane contexts.

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